Join Frederick Berretta on his Flight of Faith
Praise for Flight of Faith

Brian Patrick - Host, EWTN's Son Rise Morning Show "I could not put this book down until I read the very last word. Frederick Berretta chronicles a riveting 3-minute drop from 3,000 feet over Manhattan into the icy waters of the Hudson River, intertwined with his personal journey of faith. I feel like the 156th soul who survived that day to proclaim God's mercy. How I related to his realization, "I had always believed in miracles, but somehow I never thought they could happen to me." Flight of Faith has made a believer of me in the power and promises of devotional prayer."
- Brian Patrick, Host, EWTN's Son Rise Morning Show

Thomas Peters, Blogger, "In his moving account of Flight 1549, Frederick Berretta misses no opportunity to point out the miraculous events of that fateful day. But one more must be mentioned: the amazing fact that a person like Berretta, a trained pilot and man of faith, was aboard the plane and can share with us the wisdom of his singular experience, first in a series of live interviews, and now with the added benefit of time and reflection. Berretta writes that Flight 1549 was a life tutorial for him, and his book "Flight of Faith" can be a life tutorial for us."
- Thomas Peters, Blogger,

Flight of Faith: My Miracle on the Hudson by Frederick Berretta
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