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Flight of Faith: My Miracle on the Hudson On January 15, 2009, Frederick Berretta boarded US Airways Flight 1549 at La Guardia Airport ready to head home after a last-minute business trip to New York City. Shortly after takeoff, the Airbus A320 struck a flock of geese and lost both engines. As an amateur pilot himself, Berretta knew that something was seriously wrong. The roar of the jets quieted and the aircraft ceased to climb as the pilot guided the powerless plane towards the Hudson River and announced to his passengers: "Brace for impact." Berretta fingered the prayer book in his pocket and tried to prepare himself for death. He knew that the odds of surviving a water landing were virtually nonexistent. He wondered if his soul would be ready to meet the Lord. He prayed: "God, please be merciful to us, for the sake of your Son," he whispered. "Please spare us. I trust in you. Jesus, I trust in you. Mother of God, please pray for us." Suddenly, Berretta felt a "push" or "nudge" on his conscience; a keen realization that he had to do something. God's voice sounded strong and clear in the depths of his soul:
Are you going to accept My will for your life?
For Frederick Berretta, the events of that fateful January day were the crystallizing moment of a lifetime of conversion. This story tells how he lost his childhood faith and as a young adult embraced a selfish, worldly life, how he suffered through family turmoil and the death of a child, and how by God's grace he slowly returned to the Church, humbled and grateful. God used the "Miracle on the Hudson" to confirm him in his faith—and set him on fire to share it with others. Flight of Faith is the inspiring true story of how God works in our lives in simple—and extraordinary—ways.

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Flight of Faith: My Miracle on the Hudson by Frederick Berretta
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